Anabel Litchfield (Pangburn)


I'm a multidisciplinary freelance creative based in Sydney, Australia, who thinks that going by only my first name is completely acceptable. I think that places me in the same category as Beyonce, Cher and Madonna, but I digress. 

I was raised by an artist and an accountant, consequently my approach to projects taps into both the right & left brain space, aiming for inspired creativity balanced with solid logic. 

I've worked in the creative field for over 10 years with experience in graphic design, photography, styling, art direction, branding/marketing and illustration. 

When I'm not creating, you'll find me cuddling my daughter Sunday, or sleeping. Because let's be honest, there's not much time for anything else.



Print design
Logo & Identity design
Web design




Birth. YES, you read that right. I capture live births. Is there a human experience that is more charged with raw emotion, a room that contains such pain and joy simultaneously? Don't worry, nothing gruesome, I'm all about the precious moments between husband and wife, the struggle of the labour, the very first meeting of mother and father with brand NEW child, and the sweet sweet moments that follow. For more information on that visit: